Why I’m Having A Domain Authority Detox

When I first started blogging, I had no clue what SEO was and never knew something called Domain Authority existed, but you start to see all this terminology being thrown around and you want to know what it all means. The longer you’re a blogger, the more you want to get better at what you do. You want to improve on your writing, your photography and have people to love what you post about.

One of the ways you can improve your blog is by increasing your domain authority (DA).

Image of Domain Authority Detox

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38 Thoughts From Bad Days

Cup of Tea

Last week seemed to literally go on forever for me after a string of bad days. During it, I jotted down all the thoughts that were in my head when I was struggling to get out of the house and function. I’m going to place a trigger warning here because I am pretty honest with how I was feeling and it might make fellow mental health sufferers feel uncomfortable if they’re battling right now.

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Newbie Guide | What Do I Post On Instagram?


It’s taken two years but I’ve gotten to a point where I no longer looking at my follower count or trying to come up with a theme on Instagram.

I’m learning to post what I want, how I want and when I want. I joined Instagram to have a place where I can improve on my photography, document what is going on in my life and find new people to follow and fangirl over. For a while, I was stressing over how bad my photos were to people I followed and getting very withdrawn and confused over why I was getting as many likes. That’s why I thought I’d help others out instead because that always makes me feel better!

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15 Father’s Days Without My Daddy

Father's Day

This year marks 15 years that I’ve had to celebrate Father’s Day without my daddy.

I’ve already been past quite a few milestones without him now: GCSE results, my 18th birthday, A-Level results, my 21st birthday and graduating from university so you’d think I’d get used to it.

Honestly? I’ll never get used to it. It doesn’t matter that I lost him when I was 14 and didn’t get to spend as much time with him as others have. He was my daddy so I have every right to celebrate Father’s Day (even if he always rolled his eyes at the fuss).

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What Is Your Blogger Playlist?

Bloggers have so many ways to help inspire them to start writing posts. They have their passion, they have lists in bullet journals, they have what’s going on in the world. I have a couple of those but what really helps me write a better post is by listening to music similar to what I’m writing about. It makes me smile and I’m always shocked how much I’ve written by the time one of my songs has finished! I thought I’d try and create a little playlist for all of you, depending on what niche you’re in! I’m not perfect but maybe you’ll find a new song to love!

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My Fandom Picks For Summer 2016

The UK has at last remembered that June is meant to be one of the few summer months we get in the year. Though, you wouldn’t guess it was summer with all the rain and storms we’ve been getting lately. It’s like the apocalypse is trying to destroy us or something. Someone call the X-Men for me?

Anywho, after you guys seemed to love my fandom fashion choices a few months back, I decided to bring back my awful fashion sense to the blog and share what I’d love to be wearing to keep me both looking cool and geeky all at the same time.


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Blog Post Ideas For When You’re Stuck

Mental Health

We all know how awful it is when you’re sitting in front of your laptop, utterly determined to get a couple of blog posts written and you end up staring at white because nothing is coming out. Not one single letter and I bet you want to throw that laptop at something or just grab a massive chunk of chocolate! Never fear…hopefully I can give you at least one idea to kick start a bunch of others! Here are my blog post ideas for when you’re stuck:

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Reasons Why We Should Love The Backstage Crew

Hello lovely people! I’m here to be like one of those ads on TV that is made to pull on the heart-strings of all who read this and maybe teach you to love everyone in the theatre, not just the cast! This post was totally inspired by the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Sally Inch, after she was so shocked that people were asking for autograph at stage door! I’ve put together some reasons why you should love the backstage people and totally give them all the love in the world!

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New Fandom Releases – June 2016

Another month, another way for me to get excited over June’s new fandom releases! I was so proud of myself for only getting a couple of things off May‘s list of releases! I was tempted over a lot of things and I didn’t even spend lots at MCM Comic Con so I think I may be saving myself for something special. Who knows what! With it being June, I’m taking a look at what items are going to tempt the money out of my purse!


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