If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you won’t have seen me fangirling for the last week about a Sherlock convention based in London called Sherlocked. It’s all about the BBC show with Benedict Cumberbatch (*SQUEE*) and Martin Freeman (*EXTRA SQUEE*). I’d been meaning to go to the convention last year, but after taking a fab holiday to LA, I had to wait! I didn’t even think I’d make it this year. Yeah, life has been an utter bitch this time, but I was forced to go and finally… View Post

The best day for a Potter fangirl? When a new trailer is released such as the final Fantastic Beasts one! I didn’t even know that it was being released until I saw the official Fantastic Beasts twitter talking about it being shown on Ellen Tube the following day. A trailer that is released during the day in the UK?! What a lovely present! Thank you! I’ve done a couple of reaction videos in the past, but with life being a butt right now, I figured you were all smart enough… View Post

With it being Autumn, I thought the ones with the perfect autumn look had to be from Supernatural: Sam and Dean Winchester! Another week and another post where Daisy attempts to photograph herself alone and still make it look good! Thank you so much for the lovely comments you guys gave my Star Wars look and it’s all because of that, that I’m doing this second post! I’M CONTINUING! YAY! I love being able to bring out more of my Autumn colours like my reds, scarlet and even wearing deeper… View Post

Something I have always loved about Star Wars is the saying that every Jedi says to one another or to a group when they want to wish them good luck. Seeing as I’m still really nervous about doing these outfit of the day pictures, I figured I needed all the luck I could get. People sometimes don’t get how hard it is to dress yourself when you think you look awful in everything, but for some reason, today was different. For once, I chose to wear what I felt most… View Post

With Doctor Strange coming in the next couple of months and trying to set my mind into a positive place, you guys knew I had to come up with a mantras post to help us all out. If you’re like me, then mornings are not your favourite time of the day and you’d rather just stay in as late as possible. Not that I do that…no…never. Ahem.

The worst thing about being a fangirl is when anniversaries like this come around and you realise just how old you are now, but the best thing is that you can be smug and say that you were there from the beginning. Take that, age!! Today marks the 11th anniversary since the pilot episode of Supernatural was released! I genuinely can’t believe it’s been that long since the Winchester boys walked into my life and killed all of the demons around me. In honour of this epic day, I thought… View Post

A blogger’s worst nightmare is for their blogging inspiration to completely run out. It could because real life has killed any ideas you’d had running around in your mind or that you’ve seen another blogger write a similar post to the one you had planned and you think it was way better than yours.

Wow, almost two weeks away from the blog! It feels like ages away and I have genuinely missed sitting down and typing out my thoughts and feelings to you guys. As most of you follow me/found me on Twitter, then you will have seen that a week ago my Mum was admitted into hospital due to a fall at home and…well…everything has pretty gone crazy since then.

Bloggers tend to forget to look after themselves after being at work, school, university or even just heading to events. Spa days are pretty crazy expensive so consider this your poke to grab some spa essentials when you can and treat yourself to a spa night. Being the nerdy lass I am, of course I had to pick out some fandom-related stuff! You’ve just come home and the first thing you need to do is get out of that uniform and throw on your pyjamas! If you don’t have the… View Post

Throughout the country, students will be getting ready to¬†experience one of the most important weeks of their entire university life: FRESHERS’ WEEK! Every university has a different time in September when their week starts, but they pretty much run the same. Even this little social outcast got involved with Freshers’ and went out with them to celebrate it and a birthday! Go me! I asked around some of my friends and here is a small guide to surviving your first freshers’ week.