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What You Need For A Fandom Spa Night

My Spa Night Wishlist

Bloggers tend to forget to look after themselves after being at work, school, university or even just heading to events. Spa days are pretty crazy expensive so consider this your poke to grab some spa essentials when you can and treat yourself to a spa night. Being the nerdy lass I am, of course I had to pick out some fandom-related stuff!

  1. You’ve just come home and the first thing you need to do is get out of that uniform and throw on your pyjamas! If you don’t have the PJs, then a onesie will do!
  2. The best thing for me, when the cold nights draw in, is to put on my fluffiest dressing gown and snuggle down into a chair.
  3. You are all snuggly and warm so let’s give your face some love too, shall we? I know how dry my face gets during the night so this mask sounds like a miracle!
  4. If there is anything we know, it’s how much our feet hurt after a busy day so they deserve attention to keep them happy and smooth. You can’t have a spa night without this!
  5. It’s good to look after yourself on the outside, but it’s just as good to look after yourself on the inside as well. Fill up your favourite water bottle and don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Plus, after this night is done, Sam and Dean will convince you to pretend you’re running from ghosts or demons at the gym!
  6. It’s almost like a spa essential to have some nail varnish around to sort your nails out. Heck knows that they’ve probably got chipped during the day and could do with a re-do. I love this Doctor Who blue! We all know that the Doctor would have been blackmailed by Amy or River to get them done!
  7. You can finally relax and let the smell of your favourite candle hover around the room. Love it!

What items would you have for a nerdy spa night?

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So You Want To Know About Freshers’ Week?

Freshers' Week

Throughout the country, students will be getting ready to experience one of the most important weeks of their entire university life: FRESHERS’ WEEK! Every university has a different time in September when their week starts, but they pretty much run the same. Even this little social outcast got involved with Freshers’ and went out with them to celebrate it and a birthday! Go me!

I asked around some of my friends and here is a small guide to surviving your first freshers’ week.

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The 6 Best TV Shows To Watch This Autumn

We’re only 2 weeks away from September, people, and that means that we’ll be getting fresh new TV shows and new seasons to fan over this Autumn! I’m so freaking excited!! For me, Autumn is the best season forever for TV and I’m literally hooking to all my favourite past shows that are returning and the new shows coming with my favourite actors! (Aidan Turner! Colin Morgan!)

Here are some of the shows that I’m super pumped for this autumn:

This Autumn

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5 Fandom Places To Visit In Los Angeles (LA)

This time last year, I was getting for my holiday to Los Angeles for the first time ever and I was a bundle of excitement. I’d had LA in my sets for such a long time, not only because I’m an actress and to me it was my land of opportunity, but SUN! This pasty Brit needed a sun tan!

Zoom forward 10 days and what did I discover about LA?

That it was more than just sun and incredible palm trees! It was a nerd paradise too!!


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My Experience With The Samaritans

This post is entirely inspired by Jenny in Neverland after I read her incredibly personal post about using the service, The Samaritans. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s basically a 24-hour phone line that you can ring at any time whenever you’re feeling very vulnerable and need someone to talk to. Whether you’re feeling very down and triggered or you just need to talk because you can’t tell your family or friends what you’re thinking.

I’ve spoken to the Samaritans only once but it was during a time when I felt extremely alone and I thought I’d share that experience with you. Like always, this post may contain triggers so, if you’re feeling particularly bad right now, I’d stay away for today!

The Samaritans

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Why Bad A-Level Results Aren’t The End Of The World

A-Level Results

Today, students in the UK will be getting their A-Level Results back and, for them, it will make them or break them. I don’t think it has changed so much since I was at school (I’m old) that teachers literally knocked it into us every year from GCSE how vital the results would be in our lives. How they would get us into top universities, improve our chances of getting incredible careers that we’ve dreamed about and lead us to a much better life.

For some people, that’s true! I have friends that got straight A* in the exams and got into either Oxford or Cambridge. I was super happy for them because I knew how hard they had worked to get this, but there was also other students (like me) who worked just as hard and got bad a-level results. Well, I passed but they were still rubbish for me.

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How To Look After Your Elderly Cat

Elderly Cat

This is my cat, Jewel. I got her from the RSPCA when she was only 5 weeks old. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a happy start. Her dad (a ginger tom) ran off and the people who had been previously owned her hadn’t cared for her, letting her get fleas and mites. She was the runt of the litter but I loved her as soon as I saw her. I was going to call her Sparkle to begin with, but as cheesy as it gets, she was my little Jewel.

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Why I Will Always Be Positive On Twitter


I’ve had quite a few tweets over the last months asking how I can be so positive when the world is basically falling to pieces around us and people are pulling limbs off others. Lately, Twitter has taken a big turn for the negative and it’s so sad! I’m seeing so many people who used to be friends un-following each other and it breaks my little fangirl heart. I was scared to post this because I’ve seen others who love the idea of being positive and others who are sick of it, but for me, I’m not adding to the drama.

I’m being myself.

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