Alright, I know Halloween is only 11 days ago but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t stuck on Halloween blog ideas! Everyone seemed to find the Blogmas list really handy so let’s see if I can help a few people make their blogs that little more spookier this holiday! We’re going to have lots of fun and remember…it’s all fake! Not real horror because I’m a wuss! Haha!

This post has been a long time coming, but it’s taken me a while to let the whole ‘mum has cancer’ news to settle in enough that I can sit down in front of my laptop and type something out. I’ve actually been taking little notes in my notebook when I’ve felt particularly bad, just so that I had somewhere I could rage in. I’ve even been on Twitter a few times when I’ve felt like the world was being one giant idiot. Finally I feel ready to be frank… View Post

Ever since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out as an Illustrated edition last year, I’d never been more excited for the release of another book especially Chamber of Secrets! It was always my favourite out of the seven books alongside Order of the Phoenix. There was just something so magical yet sinister that came with it and it felt like the trio clicked more in this! This is going to be a photo-heavy post but what else can you expect from a post about epic art?!

You know when something happens in your life that you never expect would happen? That happened when I received an email from Warner Bros to say that I’d won tickets to the Fantastic Beasts Global Fan Event in London!! I entered that competition so long ago that I couldn’t even remember where I’d entered it and was beyond stunned when I saw the ‘CONGRATS! YOU’RE A WINNER!’ in the subject title! I had actually won something!! SOMETHING HARRY POTTER RELATED! I WOULD SEE EDDIE REDMAYNE IN THE FLESH AND IN… View Post

You wouldn’t believe how excited I was to be able to go to the Bloggers Blog Awards again this year and be one of the nominees. A blogger’s awards ceremony is something that everyone has to experience once in their lives! It’s so much fun and there are so many people you can natter with! I didn’t think I’d be able to make this year due to real life problems, but thankfully I did and it was the best decision!

People say that, as soon as you become a certain age, you have to grow up and be serious but I think it’s totally fine to be silly too! Being serious all the time would be so boring. Whether it’s sticking your tongue out at a loved one or friend, dancing to your favourite song or just twirling round in circles until you get really dizzy. Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t still be children. 1: It brightens up a rubbish day Life is full of troubles and… View Post

Yesterday marked the second ever Bloggers Blog Awards created by the stunning Hayley (TeaPartyBeauty). If you didn’t know, I was nominated for the Girl Gang Award and was crazy excited to be involved in the event more than last year! MY NAME WOULD BE IN THE BOOK! YAYY! I already knew I didn’t stand a chance of winning, but I was there for everyone. I could fangirl, squeal and celebrate everyone winning! That said, I got myself all dressed up! YAY!

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you won’t have seen me fangirling for the last week about a Sherlock convention based in London called Sherlocked. It’s all about the BBC show with Benedict Cumberbatch (*SQUEE*) and Martin Freeman (*EXTRA SQUEE*). I’d been meaning to go to the convention last year, but after taking a fab holiday to LA, I had to wait! I didn’t even think I’d make it this year. Yeah, life has been an utter bitch this time, but I was forced to go and finally… View Post

The best day for a Potter fangirl? When a new trailer is released such as the final Fantastic Beasts one! I didn’t even know that it was being released until I saw the official Fantastic Beasts twitter talking about it being shown on Ellen Tube the following day. A trailer that is released during the day in the UK?! What a lovely present! Thank you! I’ve done a couple of reaction videos in the past, but with life being a butt right now, I figured you were all smart enough… View Post

With it being Autumn, I thought the ones with the perfect autumn look had to be from Supernatural: Sam and Dean Winchester! Another week and another post where Daisy attempts to photograph herself alone and still make it look good! Thank you so much for the lovely comments you guys gave my Star Wars look and it’s all because of that, that I’m doing this second post! I’M CONTINUING! YAY! I love being able to bring out more of my Autumn colours like my reds, scarlet and even wearing deeper… View Post