I’ve seen so many December wishlists on Bloglovin that I wanted to make a weird version of my own. I know I’m not interesting any of you with these Blogmas posts because my views have been zooming down, but what the heck! I’m do blogging for me and I’m having fun being creative! I’m not the kind of girl who can easily pick gifts for myself and prefer to pick gifts for other people!

You know when you’re doing a clean-out of a room and suddenly stumble on some old Christmas gifts from years ago? That happened to me this week and it made me feel so nostalgic!! I did end up giving some to the charity shop for some lucky kid to find and explore the wonders of the olden days and others made me think…what Christmas gifts would I have loved as a child? I remember Hannah doing a post about this last Blogmas so I’m all inspired!

HAHA! You guys thought I’d miss a day of Blogmas but you were wrong! I may be writing this at 11.43pm at night but it still counts and you guys will still see this, especially you book lovers out there. This post is for all of you who love reading or have friends/family who can never put a book down. I’ve found so many amazing books this year that I just had to share them. I promise there are novels included…not just my Mina Lima obsession!

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been one of the years we’ll all be glad to see the back of! It’s been a nightmare for me, you and everyone. I thought I’d come with a fun way to get rid of everything that 2016 threw at us so we can enjoy a peaceful December for what it is and start the new year with a fresh start! How does that sound?

It’s December 1st which means the beginning of the craziest time in a blogger’s life: Blogmas! I’ll be blogging every single day this month with gift guides, stories, possible vlogs and whatever mad thing I come up with to blog about. You know I never make sense on here! Haha! I couldn’t start today without dedicating it to all things fandom and Christmas so here is one for all you fangirls and fan-boys out there! I may have to buy everything (if I hadn’t already!)

Mum is now 4 weeks into her radiotherapy¬†journey and I’d love to say that it has flown by but I’d be lying. It has had its ups and downs that have tested both of us over the last few weeks. I haven’t met many people who have had brain tumours so I thought it might be good for Mum to get her thoughts and for people to hear more about radiotherapy is done for brain cancer. If you want to read more about Mum’s cancer fight, then you click here… View Post

John Frieda must have known that there were girls with curls like me who had absolutely no clue how to handle their hair or just washed it and hoped for the best. I’ve used their products in the past because, believe me, I need all the help I can get to defeat my crazy frizz attacks. When I was asked to become a part of the Curl Collective, I literally jumped at the chance! My hair needs help!

Gilmore Girls (A Year In The Life) is finally hitting Netflix tomorrow and my inner/outer fangirl has been chomping at the bit for it to come for ages! I’ve happily been re-watching all seven seasons in preparation! I love how so much of my friends have introduced themselves to the show and have become as hooked as I am! It doesn’t matter if you were a fan in 2000 or in 2016…we welcome everyone! If you’ve never watched, here are my five reasons for loving Gilmore Girls!

Black Friday, for some reason, has struck the UK for the last few years and I’m still figuring why we’ve taken it on! Not that I don’t mind the cheaper sales but…kind of America’s thing. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating our version of Thanksgiving. I’m going to embrace the opportunity to the fun of the next few days, stay in my PJs and show you the deals you can get online. I don’t need you guys getting squished in shops! You’re too precious!

What is this? A Fantastic Beasts review? It is! It feels like ages since I’ve done a review on anything properly so I couldn’t not write a post about the new Wizarding World film. It’s only something I’ve been waiting months for!! I asked you guys if you wanted a spoiler-free AND a spoiler review on it and 72% of you said you did so here we are! Hahaha! Don’t worry…I’ll start with the spoiler-free version first and will let you know when we’re heading into the spoiler zone, okay?… View Post