While everyone is focusing on more physical goals for 2017, I’m doing my best to focus on goals that deal with my mental health. Oh, don’t worry! I have a list of at least 15 things to do with my life that I’ll share eventually but, after the horror that was 2016, I need to finally sit down and get my head literally around what the heck I’m thinking and feeling. That’s why I want to set myself some mental 2017 goals to keep me on track through the year.… View Post

After watching the series finale of Sherlock last night, I couldn’t sleep and ended up re-watching The Final Problem all over again. What else can you do when Sherlock Holmes has literally grabbed your mind and your thoughts, everything you thought you knew, and told you it was all a lie? That’s exactly how I felt. I thought I’d figured enough about Sherlock and John after all these years but NOPE! Lesson learned…we can never understand what is going on the minds of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Another lesson… View Post

This is a combination between an update post and a tips post because some time has passed since I last spoke about Mum and her memory problem. If you’re new to my blog, then you can read here about why she has a memory problem in the first place! A few things have progressed since I did a post and I thought I’d get it all out this way because I love chatting with you guys!

Uh-oh! Dee is doing another serious post again so, like always, if your mental health isn’t overly stable now, it may be best to avoid this post today as it will be touching on matters such as suicide and grief. I don’t want to be ruining any episodes for you. If you haven’t seen The Lying Detective yet, go watch and then you can come back and read this if you like! SPOILERS AND TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR EVERYONE!

Happy Birthday to our favourite of all detectives, a certain Mr Sherlock Holmes! According to sources, January 6th 1854 is Sherlock’s birthday so I couldn’t let this special day go past without chatting about him. It’s not only his birthday, but it’s also another favourite of mine: Eddie Redmayne! Being a fandom blogger and clearly not writing what everyone else does, I’m just going to fangirl over these two lovelies! (Think I’ll be able to improve my awful graphic skills this year? Haha!)

In under an hour, I leave my twenties and officially enter my thirties! It’s actually pretty scary since I’ve been in this decade for so long that I even forget what it was like to be in my teens. To be fair, I don’t actually turn 30 until 3pm because that’s why I was dragged out three months premature for my warm, little home. I couldn’t let my twenties pass without doing one last blog post in them.

New Year’s Eve!! The day we’ve been waiting for ever since January 1st 2016 and, blimey, did we need this year to be over! It has been one meh after another and I’m so ready to say kick this year up the bum and say goodbye in style. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going out! If you’re like me, you can find perfect ways to spend your New Year’s Eve at home and still have a bunch of fun. Ready? Let’s do this!!

This ‘What I Got Under My Christmas Tree’ is a bit late coming but you know how life has been lately so I’m just happy to be blogging at all. This Christmas was a bit of a weird one because the fact is that Mum constantly forgot it was Christmas and, by Christmas Eve, I ended up having to buy a few presents for myself. Maybe I didn’t have the surprise like everyone else but at least I was able to still get a few things I needed! WOO! If… View Post

This is when you see how odd my little life is. I did a poll on Twitter to see whether people would be getting their presents as a surprise or themselves for special occasions. Majority of you said surprise which made cry with sadness and happiness because my family aren’t like that at all. As soon as you hit your 20s, that automatically means you’re too old for gifts and get a little card.